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Business Strategy

Red Dolphin Energy's goal is to create access to trusted information that improves decision making, enables insight and supports the planning and delivery of good business decisions and better asset return.

Energy Bidding

RDS Subfin has been designed and built by a team of energy industry subject matter experts with deep experience trading in the Australian Energy Market.

Additionally, we have extensive experience integrating the trading system bidding process to plant control systems enabling fully automated operation of plant based on accepted bids.

Our team has a proven ability to deliver trading systems and associated integrations to meet critical dates while delivering extremely reliable systems.

Intelligent automated optimisation systems for accurate 24/7 plant dispatch.

NEM Kiosk Dashboard

RDS manufactures and designs intuitive stand alone displays for energy and other critical data.

Creating visibility of all aspects of NEM activities including energy prices, pre-dispatch and Ancillary Services.

Innovative displays for renewable energy fuel types.


Red Dolphin Energy engineers extensive experience in the energy industry and passion for working with our clients, we are able to expertly analyse the markets, and are always ready to deal with any queries that may arise.

We understand that business energy decisions are hugely important and that’s why we enjoy forming long term relationships with our clients.

Our aim is to give you the power to make the best decisions for your business.


Powerlink's CEO, Prof Paul Simshauser, engaged Red Dolphin Energy to provide systems, support and assist in running the NEM’s most highly regarded one day Introduction to the Electricity and Carbon Markets workshop.

To cement knowledge and understanding, the session includes lectures and hands-on simulations. The workshop is suited to anyone interested in gaining a better understanding of how the physical and financial markets work in a carbon tax environment.

No prior knowledge is required.

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Welcome to Red Dolphin Energy

We Are NEM Information Managers

Information is treated as an asset and crucial for dynamic strategies in the delivery of energy.

Red Dolphin Energy has been providing software and services to the Australian Energy sector for 11 years with over 10,000 users of its PocketNEM application.

With the introduction of Subfin, Red Dolphin Energy is now looking to disrupt the traditional energy trading software providers in the Australian NEM while providing a viable alternative to those operators who have been struggling to build and maintain in-house solutions.

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Product and service research, engineering, conceptualisation, design, testing with good vision, analytical and programming acumen and effective communication skills.

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