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PocketNEM Overview


PocketNEM is a real-time iPhone app for monitoring the Australian National Energy Market (NEM). The app provides Energy Traders and other interested participants with essential data collated in tables and graphs leading to fast and comprehensive analysis for quick decision making.

The app is built by long-serving Australian Energy Trading professionals specifically to address the needs of the industry by:-

  • providing key data in a quick to digest format to enable staff to focus on strategic decisions; and
  • the convenience and ease of mobile smartphone technology.

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Screengrab of PocketNEM app showing colour changes within the states of the Australian map, based on current energy price for that state


Home Screen

Spot Map has 5 minute predispatch market prices in $/MWh:

  • Spot prices are shown relative to the applicable region (state) with colour correlating to price value. Green being normal, thus moving away from green to warmer colours (lime green, yellow, orange, red etc) indicates a rise in price. Similarly, moving towards the cooler colours indicates a price reduction.
  • Interconnectors depict volume and direction of energy flow via the animated energy value in Megawatts (MW). Speed of animation correlates to increase/decrease in MW.

Extreme $12,900/MWh

Very high $300/MWh

High $100/MWh

Normal $55/MWh

Low $0/MWh

Extreme low -$1,000/MWh


Graph Information

rotate phone horizontally to get graph

Data is displayed as a graph when the iPhone is rotated horizontally.

The small break in graph lines indicate the current time and separates past history data and predispatch data over a 48 hour period.


Installing to enable push data

When installing, the user is prompted to accept Push Notifications. By allowing this, PocketNEM can make use of Push technoloy to update the app and send alerts when they arise. Currently PocketNEM uses Push Notifications to update the app icon to show the number of unread market notices. An update is in progress to support price alerts.


Pricing Data Screen

Current spot price reveals the last three 5-minute period prices for each state. The coloured dot on the left follows the same colour to price correlation as on the "Spot Map" page, where the dot corresponds to the right column being the current price. Ancillary service prices appear below.

Tap on a state for more detail, comparing price with demand for each half hour. The date-time in blue text indicates predispatch data.

The small break indicates the current time with historical data behind (left) and predispatch forward (right). Green shading = Demand; Blue shading = Generation; Orange/red line = Price.


More about the Generation Screen

The generation screen uses icons representative of the fuel type alongside each Dispatachable Unit ID (DUID) with columns of data showing the last three 5-minute periods of generation. Selecting a specific DUID from here will give greater detail in 30 minute periods regarding their generation, and the price and total generation available for it's region. Rotating the iPhone will display this as a graph.

Going back to the [SCADA] data screen and rotating the iPhone will display a graph of all generation by fuel type throughout the NEM.

Biomass Hydro Diesel Wind Gas Coal


Frequently asked questions

Why do I not get graphs when rotating the phone?

Ensure screen rotate lock is off. To lock or unlock, use the multitasking feature. Double click on the home button to display the recently used apps. Scroll to the left, and click the screen lock/unlock device.
iPhone rotate lock/unlock button is at the left of the multitasking feature

What happens to my subscription if I change phone?

If a subcsription has been paid and it is still before the expiry, it is a simple step to restore the subscription. Download the app which is free, and go to the [info tab] at the bottom of the screen. Then under the "subscriptions" heading, click the tab and then the [restore] button at the top right. You may be prompted to enter your iTunes password. You will not be charged to restore existing subscriptins. For more information go to Apple's Support document on subscriptions.

Can I install PocketNEM on both my iPhone and iPad or iPod touch?

Yes. Once you have paid for a subscription on an account with the App Store, any device linked to that account can make full use of the app. Install PocketNEM, go to the [info tab] at the bottom. Then under the "subscriptions" heading, click the tab and hit the [restore] button at the top right.


About Notices

Currently, Market Notices are pushed out as they occur and will be marked as ‘unread’. As Market Notices are read/skipped chronologically the ‘unread’ marker disappears from the most recent read and all the earlier ones. This is a quick method to clear the unread count without having to view each notice. Additionally, the small snippet displayed on the screen should help to identify the relevance of that notice without the need to read all the detail.